Jack Latham- Guest Lecture

Jack Latham gave a talk which focussed on his latest project, Parliament of Owls. His work explores Bohemian Grove, a private gentlemen’s club in Northern California. His initial practice began with his personal interest into this group for elite American men and the enclosed camp where these members conform. Latham discussed his focus on the outer circle of the camp, those who are against it and the effects it has on surrounding communities. By dedicating his research to those on the outside, he developed a relationship with the people and gained more of an understanding into the ideals and practice of the Bohemian Grove members.

Latham’s work primarily consists of portrait and landscapes which visually reveal the story of Bohemian Grove. Using a large format camera, he captures visually descriptive photographs that allow the audience to engage with the subject. Alongside this, his use of moving image shows his incorporation of archival media, news videos and former investigations that have previously been carried out on the group.