Pablo Antoli is a commercial food photographer who combines his passion for travel and culture with his passion for photography. Pablo’s work visually tell a story and creates character within the environment in which the photographs were taken, revealing a sense of adventure, culture, and excitement to his images.

Pablo visited our University, and gave us a studio tutorial on his beginning to end process of photographing food, from his camera equipment and choice of studio lightening, his setup and process through Capture One, as well as his placement of the food. This was very useful for me to learn as I will be able to apply the techniques and processes he taught us to my own practice.

Pablo also talked us through his process of starting out as a photographer in the industry, and gave us an insight into the initial graduate jobs we should think about applying for. Pablo talked us through how valuable his roles as an assistant photographer were, as it enabled him to learn new skills, workflows, techniques from different photographers, along with making connections with people in the commercial food photography industry, which would lead to him eventually fulfilling his freelance career.