Arpita Shah is an artist who works between photography and film, exploring the realms between culture, identity and heritage. Her roots growing up in Ireland, India, the Middle East and finally settling in the U.K. specifically in Scotland, has shaped Arpita’s practice, as she holds this desire to explore the complexity of culture and effect  on how living in different regions has resulted in her distant connection with her roots and birthplace.

Arpita’s series of work Nalini explores a historical relationship of her mother, grandmother and herself through a collection of family archival images and objects, along with new portrait photographs. By researching into her past and showcasing a collective of family memorabilia, Aprita seeks to explore how migration, distance and loss has impacted her family history.

The choice of pale pastel colours used within Arpita’s exhibition sets a calming, simplistic, nurturing setting to the work, portraying the underlying meaning of the content found in the series of work.