During our second meeting this week, we decided on the project name ‘The Virtual Archive.’ This was a straightforward name that clearly communicates the outlines of the project and the purpose of the exhibition.  It was important for us as a group that we chose a name that is short and concise as this will encourage an easier engagement from the audience.

In the same way, it was important for us to create a logo that was represented Queensgate Market.  Reece and Chloe worked on several different logo design examples which they previewed to the group. Each of us liked different elements from their designs, so Chloe took the lead to amalgamate their two designs together. Her design incorporated sculptural shapes found on the abstract panels on the outside of the building as these are identifiable features of Huddersfield Market. She chose to use the font Helvetica Bold as this is a simple typeface that would be easily read on any platform it is showcased on e.g. website, social media, virtual exhibition. The decision to create a black logo was because we wanted to ensure it would be versatile across different platforms and work well with the black and white colour scheme of the website.

(The Virtual Archive, 2020)

The Virtual Archive . (2020, November 6). The Virtual Archive [photograph ]. Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/the.virtual.archive/

We also talked about the future prospects of the virtual archive we are creating, and whether it could be promoted as a business, that other artists or archivers could potentially use in the future. The idea behind this would be to create a platform that could technically be utilised for creative collaborations in different town and cities. In response to feedback from our tutor, we started planning some ideas for the real-life exhibition space. We came up with the idea to place instructions or have a QR code on the wall directing them to the VR/website. We also plan to showcase the virtual space on platforms such as Instagram, to reach a wider audience.