Throughout the project, I was influenced by certain individuals who took on the leadership role of the group. Not only has this project encouraged me to experiment more with my practice, but it has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and adopt new management skills. I undertook the role as social media promoter, as coming from a photography background, I recognise the importance of using social media to showcase work and share it with other creatives. My experience running my own business Instagram account has enabled me to post in a style that keeps the page consistent throughout and that also reflects our brand identity.

Gathering work and an artist statement from each member of the group, I dedicated separate days to showcase each individual’s work. I used the story section on Instagram to increase engagement and try to attract more viewers to the work. In doing this, I then created highlights from stories I had posted, which allow followers to click on one of the group members name and view their contribution to the virtual archive exhibition.



Since the theme of the ‘The Virtual Archive’ is a black and white colour scheme, I wanted to create a page that had a clean look and was consistent in its style throughout. I used a white background for the highlight covers with black writing (as this reflects the colours of our logo) and I posted each member’s work in rows of three, which allowed for followers to view a series of work from each artist. I then used the idea of gridded photographs to create a more interesting layout on the page.

The Virtual Archive . (2020, November 6). The Virtual Archive [photograph ]. Instagram.