Our groups decision to create a a virtual exhibition was a successful choice as the current lockdown has resulted in Queensgate Market closing for the foreseeable. Creating this space, has allowed each creative to respond to the brief in their own style and utilise their skills in a unique way that archives an aspect of the market.

Reece created the virtual space for us, which I think is very successful and portrays a visual depiction of what the exhibition would have looked like in Temporary Contemporary. The design Reece has used allows each of our work to feature on a wall within the space.

The Virtual Archive . (2020). The Virtual Archive . https://thevirtualarchivehudds.cargo.site/Exhibition

To experience the exhibition, viewers must go on The Virtual Archive website and click on the video (available under the category exhibition). The ambience music created by Joe Watson is situated underneath the video and will play along side the video. Viewers can use their cursor to move around the space and look at the art work. There is also the option to view the exhibition on a mobile device through the YouTube app as a 360VR/AR video.

(The Virtual Archive, 2020)

The link to the exhibition is also available on The Virtual Archive instagram page.

Overall, I think we have worked very well as a group and have created a platform that has enabled each creative to use their skills and practice to produce a piece of art work. The use of a website and instagram account has enabled us to share our work and engage with other creatives. In terms of  innovation and entrepreneurship, I think as a group we have responded to and tackled the challenges imposed by Covid-19. In having to adapt our ideas and approaches at different points throughout the project, because of the restrictions of the pandemic, it has taught us how to manage and overcome struggles within the work environment and communicate with each other to resolve issues.