This week we met as a group at Queensgate Market to explore the space and begin our research into how each creative is going to respond to the brief and document the market. I personally found this task quite difficult, as I was unsure how I would utilise my skills in fashion and portraiture photography in this market setting. I walked around the market several times, looking closely at the stalls and the types of people working in the market. My initial response to this was to perhaps focus my contribution on the people of the market. As the only photographer in the group, I felt capturing portraits of the workers would work well in the virtual space, as it would enable future generations to look back and understand the type of work and people of Huddersfield market. I was very aware that taking photographs of people, more specifically strangers, requires a level of trust and a relationship to be built up with them. Many will question why I want to take their photograph, where it will be displayed or posted and what is the purpose. Without establishing this friendly relationship, it would be difficult to capture a true depiction of their character. Within only a short while of visiting the market, I realised this was going to be a more difficult approach and one that could be a lengthy process, requiring numerous visits every week in order to build up this trusting connection. I was prepared to undertake this role in order to obtain a strong and meaningful body of work.

On our visit, we walked around the Temporary Contemporary exhibition space, which gave Reece a clearer understanding of the dimensions and space he would need to create the virtual exhibition. In order to make this VR project easier for Reece, we all agreed for him to only recreate the white cube design area in the Temporary Contemporary space, in VR, opposed to the entire market. Visiting this space also allowed for the rest of the group to prevision how our work would be displayed collectively.

Since a few members of the group were considering a focus on the people of the market, we agreed it would be best to create a questionnaire sheet. We could give this to individual traders to gain more knowledge on the history of their stall, character and their trade.

Meeting the other group members in person, allowed for us all to bounce ideas off of one another and critically evaluate the space and think more creatively together. This has allowed for us to start the project in a strong position and gather a foundation of ideas from which we are able to move forward with.

(Galloway, 2020)