Daniel is a Sicily and UK based photographer and filmmaker. He has adopted a social documentary style of work that seeks to showcase the problems surrounding migration and the struggle for refugees. His project Foreigner shines light on this humanitarian crisis and aims to engage with the world about current social and political issues. Specifically focussing on migration in Europe, Daniel’s project develops a narrative through his photographs, acting as a visual representation of the individual’s emotions, stress and struggles of daily life.  Through the photographs, it is clear that Daniel seeks to use his talent to reveal lived experiences, allowing us as the viewer to gain a greater understanding of the effects this crisis is having on thousands of people’s lives.

One of the photographs that struck me the most was Daniels’s two portraits of a 12-year-old Iranian girl Kimia. The photograph on the left was taken the day she arrived on the island of Lesbos after sailing over the Aegean Sea from Turkey with her mother. The front facing portrait of the girl is very simple yet motivating and powerful in how it captivates the viewers attentions and reveals a sense emotion and feeling.  The direct eye contact instigates immediate engagement with the audience and forces them to consider and think about Kimia’s current situation as a refugee.

(Garcia, 2015)


Portraiture is a photographic technique I am very familiar with and will be adopting during my final major project.  In my exploration of identity and my own Scottish culture, I plan to use self-portraiture as a tool to express who I am and what has attributed to Scotland being a place I call home.