In preparation for our Final Year Degree Exhibition, we organised an off campus exhibition in an empty space located in Huddersfield town centre. This was a very valuable exhibition to be apart of as it allowed us to practice and prepare for the process of displaying our work. From choosing a photograph, preparing it for print, experimenting with different paper types, test printing different exposures… I learned how many different factors have to be considered in order to successfully display a piece of work.

Since my work is being exhibited as a single piece image, rather than a series, I felt it best fitting to display my work as an A1 sized image. Many photographs of a fashion nature are often displayed in a large scale format, for example on advertisements or billboards. This photograph is taken from a collaborative fashion shoot I have recently been working on, with a fashion communication and promotion student Amelia Brown. I decided to print on semi gloss paper, as I felt this paper type would best compliment the style of my work, as it would help bring out the colours of the image along with reflecting this contemporary, glamorous, high fashion feel to the image.