Portfolio review day was a very beneficial experience to be involved in, as it gave me the opportunity to show my recent work to several different professional photographers. Their feedback was helpful as I received feedback on my work as well as advice on starting out in the industry.

My first portfolio review was with Laura Joy Burgess, a freelance commercial photographer who works across varying different genres, including portraiture, property and still life. I chose to have my review with Laura because I am currently building my professional commercial portfolio in preparation for postgraduate work. Laura commented that technically my work is good and I have successfully lit my images well, but that I could work on making sure the jewellery is more in focus, specifically if the brief for this shoot was to photograph jewellery. Laura’s gave me helpful advice, “give yourself one year to work as a photography assistant, and then after that sell yourself as a photographer.”  I am going to take this  on board in my search for graduate work, and push the boundaries in gaining experience as a professional photographer.

I also had a review with Lois Jordan, a junior retoucher working for The Hut Group, who specialises in retouching UK beauty and health brands. Lois gave me tips on how to improve my retouching and direction me towards specific video tutorials I could watch to help learn new techniques and build on my skills.

My review with Pablo Antoli was very beneficial as he looked at my work with a different perspective and he suggested I research into how editorials are printed and showcased as a sequence of 8, 10 or 12. He advised me to think about editorial sequences when doing my photo shoots, as that way I can ensure to always have enough sets, as this is an important aspect within fashion photography in the industry, especially if I am photographing for a magazine.