I had an amazing opportunity to have a portfolio review over Zoom with Rachel Brown. I created an online portfolio and sent it to her as a pdf prior to the meeting, which gave her more of an understanding of who I am, my practice and an insight into some of the work I have created during my placement year and the collaborations I have been working on throughout final year.

Rachel’s first advice was to organise and group my portfolio into specific sections, as this would help give a narrative flow to my work. She advised me to group portraiture/studio work together, then location photographs, and then the sports photos taken from my placement year. She commented on the use of my portfolio card, grey background and logo at the beginning as it creates brand characterisation and gives the audience an insight into my style.

Rachel asked about shoots that I had planned but were unable to carry out due to the current situation. She advised once I do fly back to America to carry out my western shoot on the ranch, to contact Magazines, such as Schon, in advance and send them my brief because if they are interested they could potentially help with styling and then publish my work.

Rachel gave me advice and tips on starting out in the industry and directed me towards several different companies I can apply to. She suggested that despite I hope to go into a career in fashion photography, any experience in the industry will be beneficial and lead to something else. Her tips included applying for production at a magazine, applying for picture apprentice jobs (at Chanel 4 in Leeds), applying to modelling agencies as a photographer to keep building my portfolio and contacting photographers to ask if they need any voluntary admin assistance.

Rachel told me that this is a slow process and it will take time over many years of hard work to eventually achieve my goal. She advised me to take my time and gain as much experience in different creative fields as i can, as one job always leads onto something bigger and more exciting.