On 27th March I was due to fly to Red Bluff, California for three weeks to carry out my own personal fashion photo shoot, which I had  planned to showcase out our Final Year Exhibition. Having completed my 12 month placement with Studio 530 Photography in California, and made many close friends during my stay there,  I decided to take the opportunity to fly out there and carry out a location photo shoot in the mountains of Northern California.

My plans for the shoot were to carry out a western themed photo shoot on a ranch in Red Bluff, which I had previously photographed at. Having already met the owners of the ranch, I contacted them and got their permission to bring a team of people to their ranch and do a photo shoot on the morning of Friday 3rd April.

I sourced my models through various different modelling pages however the most successful was Northern Ca. Modelling & Photography Professionals Facebook page. I found two female models, one 21 years old and the other 24 years old, who had an experience in professional modelling and were willing to travel from the bay area in San Francisco up north to Red Bluff. I agreed to pay for travel for both of the models and food/refreshments throughout the day. I had worked with a makeup artist during my placement on various different shoots, so she had agreed to do hair and makeup on the day.

I had sourced several different outfits and accessories that would help me achieve the western look I was aiming to achieve. Prior to my arrival, I ordered clothes in the states and had them delivered to the studio in preparation for my shoot. Danny, the owner of the studio was also giving me access to the camera equipment, lighting, vehicles to drive to the location…

I had also created a mood board of inspiration for make up looks, to outfits, model poses and lighting. In addition to this I also wrote up a brief for the shoot and an itinerary of the day, to ensure the shoot ran smoothly and efficiently.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 my flight was cancelled and I was unable to fly to the states and carry out this photo shoot. This is a project I was very excited about, so once it is safe to fly I still plan to fly back to California. Despite I will have completed University by this point, it is still a series of work I would like to carry out and add to my  commercial portfolio.