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Stephanie Wynne- Guest Lecture

Stephanie Wynne visited The University of Huddersfield to give a talk on her professional freelance practice. She discussed her career which spanned over 22 years, and gave us an insight into the process of starting out in the photography industry, and the importance of obtaining a varied skill set which you can apply to different types of commercial jobs. 

Stephanie stressed the importance of accepting new job opportunities as you never know where one job might lead you, and explained how one single job can lead to several other opportunities arising. 

Stephanie’s advice of thinking fast on your feet, having the ability to engage with people and being able to problem solve are three qualities, which she explained are important in order to build a successful career in photography. 

The opportunity I had to be involved in a portfolio review with Stephanie was useful in helping me have a clearer understanding on the direction my work is going to progress. Her advice to research in photographers such as ilka & Franz and Isa Bonjean, has given me inspiration as to how I am going to approach my work with more of a creative perspective and how to challenge myself to create more eye catching and unique fashion photographs.