As my work throughout this project has began to develop, I have found myself resonating a lot with colour. If I talk to anybody here in Yorkshire I found myself describing the specific colours that remind me of home. I decided to make a colour diagram on photo shop to visually show the range of different colours I associate with Scotland. Whether it’s tartan, the purple colour of the thistles and heather, or natural colours of the earth and green from the highlands, I felt it was important to be aware of them and include them in my photo shoots, to help depict my perception and memory of Scotland.









These colour connotations were reinforced when I came across Solveig Kerdranvat’s instagram. Originally born in France, Solveig moved over to Scotland as an adult after finding a love for Scotland’s beauty.  Solveig uses her blog and instagram platform as a way to document her enthusiasm, fascination and affection for Scotland. Solveig’s work promotes Scotland’s beauty through showcasing breathtaking location destinations, castles, famous sights and Scottish fashion. I was instantly captivated by the fact that a French woman was in such awe of Scotland that it has now become not only her place of residence, but her complete life and work to document all of it’s beauty. One of the main features I noticed throughout her page is that she wears many of the colours I have included in my chart. The way she represents Scotland through not only the location backdrops but her clothing colours and materials, is something I am looking to incorporate into my own work. 
























(Kerdranvat, 2020)

Kerdranvat, S [solveiginscotland]. (2020, November 2). Open different doors, you may find a you there that you never knew was yours. Anything can happen [Photograph ].Instagram.

Kerdranvat, S [solveiginscotland]. (2020, September 16). Heather : Don’t see me, Connor – let me die in peace. Where are we [Photograph ].