Since starting this project I have found myself become much more aware of space and how different environments can evoke certain feelings, emotions, associations and memories. As I have discussed throughout this project, my exploration of the Yorkshire landscape has made me aware of how similar it is to Scotland, and this in turn has made me think of home and my childhood memories. Coming from a commercial photographic background, I do not often take photographs of landscapes. For this reason I am keen to further experiment with using visual imagery to capture scenes that reflect personal meaning to me.

I am back in Dundee for a few weeks so I thought I would visit different places around the city to capture photographs of where I come from. One of the first places I visited was the waterfront. The calm and peace I feel when walking by the water helps me to forget any stresses I may have and feel relaxed and content. Since there are no beaches close by to Leeds, I like to make the most of this opportunity to spend my time down by the water.











(Galloway, 2021)

Using my Nikon D850 camera and a 24-70 zoom lens, I captured my view of the Tay Road bridge looking over to St Andrews. I brought a zoom lens with me as I thought it would allow me to capture both close up and further away shots.  Along with this I walked along to the newly built V&A museum and captured the building and the discovery ship next to it. The V&A is a great museum and somewhere I enjoy visiting with my friends and the discovery reminds me of the trips I would make there as a child with my grandparents.











(Galloway, 2021)

Behind the scenes captured by my friend Brooke Gall.








(Gall, 2021)

I then decided to take some photos from the Law Hill- the highest point in Dundee offering views of the entire city. As a child my dad and I would often walk up to the Law Hill and look at the beautiful views. Using my zoom lens I was able to capture a more close up shot of the Tay Rail Bridge. I would often come across this bridge on the train from Leeds and seeing the view of Dundee always put a smile on my face.



















(Galloway, 2021)

Taking photographs of different locations that represent where I come from was a good task to set myself as I think it has encouraged me to keep thinking about the connection between an individual and space. This is something I would like to continue to do for the remainder of my week in Dundee, capturing more photos in preparation for the last module of this course. As I am not a landscape photographer I do find it difficult to think of different and unique angles that would capture the space in a more creative light. I would like to work on this and practice this type of photography more frequently to improve my skills.


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