Another photographic technique I have decided to experiment with is moving image. After receiving feedback from other photographers on the course, I was advised to expand my work beyond still images and capture videos of myself within the landscapes I am exploring. This is something I have never worked with before and although a little daunting at first, I was keen to expand my skills and try out a new way of working.

I asked friend and photographer Chloe Masters to assist on this shoot.  Chloe captured the video for me and I edited the video and recorded sound separately which I then placed over the video. Using a Nikon D850 camera we placed it on a sturdy tripod to avoid any movement of the camera body. We both assumed once we pressed record that the camera would remain focussed as I moved around within the frame, however this was not the case, so Chloe had to manually change the focus as I moved further away from the camera. This was not an issue but it would have been difficult to overcome had I been recording this myself. I plan to research more into the process of recording for future shoots. My Nikon D850 is a high resolution camera with the capability of recording high quality imagery, so I plan to do some further research into recording with this camera to ensure I have the option to record a video by myself in the future.

(Masters, 2021) (Galloway, 2021)

Unfortunately the sound at this location was interrupted by a nearby digger so I wanted to recreate the natural sounds we could hear from the birds in the trees behind us. Since I live in a rural area, I woke up for sunrise and placed my phone on voice record outside for 5 minutes. In doing this I was able to record natural sounds of the birds tweeting. This calming and relaxed sound of nature is one of the things I absolutely love about returning back to my home in Scotland. The video shows me  walking across the landscape, admiring and taking in all of it’s beauty. Taking time away to fully immerse myself in such environments allows me to appreciate not only Yorkshire as my new home, but to reminisce on my wonderful childhood back home in Scotland. I decided to walk barefoot because this is something I absolutely love to do. Feeling the earth beneath my feet allows me to fully connect, be aware of my surroundings, slow down and be present in the moment. This in turn encourages me to think more about my time in Scotland and remember the many adventures I would take with my dad as a child.

To edit the video I opted to use Premiere Pro. I have never used this software before however I knew it would enable me to place sound over the video and control the speed and volume. At first this is a complicated software to use so I watched a tutorial on Youtube to help me navigate my way through it. I wanted the sound of the birds to be heard very faintly in the background, allowing the viewer to imagine they too are walking through this location, hearing the soft sounds of nature around them.





















(Galloway, 2021)

Behind the scenes:

(Masters, 2021)

As well as creating a video I captured some self portraits at this location too. I wanted to take a photo of me looking out into the distance to reinforce this idea of my love and passion for these types of landscapes. I chose to wear a long green floaty dress, as the colour not only symbolises my memory of the beautiful green fields but the light airy and free movement of the dress flowing in the breeze symbolises how I feel when I return back home, calm, relaxed and lighter due to a release of stress. 

Final image:















(Galloway, 2021)


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